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The Crumbling Obama Legacy

Circumvention, Manipulation, and Subversion

The Obama legacy was weakly built on brazen congressional circumvention, authoritarian regulation, and administrative manipulation through a trove of governmental agencies. A vast array of President Obama’s policies were implemented through problematic executive action: 1) transforming immigration law to fit his personal ideology and to provide a form of amnesty and quasi-citizenship; 2) disallowing the construction of the Keystone pipeline; 3) manipulating the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for political convenience; 4) crafting and designing an outrageous nuclear agreement with a dictatorial Iranian regime; 5) addressing the Second Amendment via gun-control mandates; and 6) normalizing relations with communist Cuba – each of these arrangements were sanctioned and implemented through the subversion and usurpation of Congress, against the will of the American people, and through unabashed executive action. In essence, in President Obama, we witnessed a president who overstepped his executive authority through sheer arrogance, political convenience, and ideological expediency.

The only bright spot in these actions manifests through a beneficial consequence of the next president holding the authority to quickly revoke, modify, and supersede any executive order issued by President Obama – which is exactly what President Trump has been doing in the first two years of his administration. Naturally, because of the phone-and-pen approach on which President Obama’s so-called legacy was constructed, it correspondingly can be easily erased with the stroke of pen since most of his “achievements” were accomplished through divisive behavior, via subversive actions, and by issuing executive orders which bordered on constitutional illegality and illegitimacy. In an instant, President Trump can overturn any and all executive orders issued by President Obama, immediately and effectually nullifying a radical, political legacy created on nothing more than adopting, twisting, and conforming constitutional law to fit whatever political whim the president was able to conjure from his partisan, myopic, destructive, narrow-minded ideology.

By unremittingly exacting a partisan political agenda against the will of the American people, without a clear proxy, and by persistently subverting the inherent power of Congress, President Obama constructed a legacy standing on brittle sticks. With the election of a conservative, republican president in 2016, the Obama legacy is merely a house of sticks, which is efficiently being eradicated from American history as easily as a whispered breath rippling by in the summer breeze.

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