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The Restoration of America!

Recovering from the Obama Administration

From 2009 through 2017, we were governed by an individual and an administration who believed through their own actions and self-anointed authority they were royalty and we were their subjects, conveniently disregarding the true essence of how a representative republic is defined and why our country was founded with a rigid structure of checks and balances. Meanwhile, millions of Americans were reliant upon the federal government for basic sustenance, having enrolled in SNAP (i.e., Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or food stamps), subsisting on unemployment benefits, accepting a variety of welfare income and subsidies, participating in a spectrum of government-sponsored programs, and relying on the federal government for a broad array of basic and essential needs. A nanny state was promoted, advanced, and arduously forced on the American people as government figureheads, appointed agency administrators, unelected czars, and unaccountable bureaucrats dictated lifestyles, diets, habits, and activities. The government at all levels, in contemporary American society, was the answer to all things, all problems, and all dilemmas. Individual rights were ignored, the principles of the Constitution were methodically trampled on by a totalitarian administration, and traditional American values were viewed and strategically branded as racist, prejudiced, biased, intolerant, bigoted, and unfair. Individuals who professed to hold conservative positions, desired to preserve our American way of life, promoted traditional American values, and wished to protect our borders were labeled as homophobes, xenophobes, nationalists, and outright racists – some were even measured on a comparative platform to Nazis.

Fast forward to 2018. A large portion comprising the millions of legal citizens of the United States of America are frustrated, offended, irritated, insulted, and quite candidly, they have had enough of the radical platforms and extremist positions the liberal left have advanced since 2009; hence, it is time to make America great again. It is time to restore traditional, conservative, American values and return control of our country to where it belongs – to the legal citizens of our country and to the people of the United States of America. It is time to reclaim our country from far-reaching liberal agendas, that utilize and leverage demagoguery for political gain, to protect our American way of life and traditional American values from the threat of radical Islam, to reject the myopic dogma of an elitist class of career politicians, to rebuke the sycophantic, obedient, conspiratorial endeavors executed by the mainstream media, and to disempower and dismantle overreaching government agencies.

We have a critical, national identity crisis defining today’s America, where traditional values and patriotic activities are labeled as unacceptable, disparaging, and offensive by a small minority faction of emasculated, spineless citizens. Certain individuals ostensibly claim they are offended by an itinerary of patriotic expressions. In many school districts, we have removed the Pledge of Allegiance from our classrooms while schools fly the Mexican flag in place of Old Glory. Since we have become so accustomed to executive action and authority by our president and his administration, the next executive order should come in the form of the 45th president immediately requiring the Pledge of Allegiance to be reinstituted and recited in every public classroom, every morning, and at every level of education, from kindergarten to high school and even at publicly-funded colleges and universities.

Unpatriotic individuals desecrate and defile the American flag, unbelievably claiming it is an offensive, prejudicial, and belligerent emblematic representation of our country. Conventional political environments apply censorship pressures and suppress free-speech rights by forcing individuals to remove all images of the Confederate flag from private property under the guise and auspice of political correctness and by unfairly labeling law-abiding citizens as racists.

People who utter the words “God Bless America” are said to violate a conjured, personal threshold of comfort as feeble adults, with pursed lips and smarmy little grins, whine, whimper, besmirch, and tarnish the reputations of Christians, patriots, and upstanding citizens. Certain emasculated individuals go to such extremes as to assert Christmas nativity scenes are religiously insensitive, offensive, and invasive, claiming manger scenes with baby Jesus unduly infringe on their atheist beliefs; this is not to mention the very attack on the word “Christmas” itself, as federal administrations and governmental agencies engaged in Orwellian ascendancy during the Obama administration and firmly established a secular state, void of religion and lacking the fundamental teachings of Judeo-Christian faith.

In a post-constitutional era, when and where traditional American values, lifestyles, and cultures are methodically eradicated from mainstream society, it is time for a polarizing shift in the political spectrum – it is once again time for a true conservative narrative to emanate from the White House and for the renewal and reinvigoration of longstanding conservative principles, which have defined American exceptionalism for centuries.

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