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The Time is Now!

Restoring Traditional American Values

There is little doubt in my mind, following eight years of the Obama presidency, that we have significant problems in this country, many of which have been addressed by the Trump administration while many still persist. We have somehow reached a point in contemporary American history when traditional American values are under constant assault, where illegals and undocumented refugees are allowed access to our country, and where political correctness supersedes conservative principles as the standard, accepted viewpoint of the majority of society. I am not the oldest, most experienced, or most highly educated individual in the United States of America, but I am in my late 40s, have had a few life experiences, and was able to attain a master’s degree from a reputable, American university. I know what is right and I know what is wrong – and what occurred in this country during the Obama years was wrong.

I know people are frustrated, they are angry, and similar to me, millions of Americans cannot believe what happened to our country during the eight years of the Obama administration. As we systematically witnessed the unrelenting degradation, merciless deterioration, and persistent destruction of our founding documents, coupled with the tenacious assault on traditional American values, and the obstinate obliteration of our national heritage, we the people rose up and demanded a 180-degree reversal away from the radical, liberal agenda that had been laboriously inflicted on the American citizenship. That is why President Trump was elected in 2016.

I am tired of witnessing the unyielding assault on American culture, values, and our way of life, and I am sick of having political correctness jammed down my throat on a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week basis. I am tired of being told by the liberal left that I and other hard-working, law-abiding, legal citizens of this country are the problem and that we need to have more understanding and tolerance, that we need to pay our fair share, and that we need to comply with an overbearing, over-invasive federal government.

We have plenty of tolerance, when people respect and obey our laws and do not enter our country illegally and kill our citizens. We already pay more than our fair share, when in some states, nearly 50% of our incomes are confiscated by government tax burdens. We have enough government control, with governmental agencies and institutions that have infiltrated nearly every segment of American society and subjugated all sectors of the American economy.

The time is now for the American people to restore traditional American values, reinvigorate conventional conservative principles, and preserve and protect the foundational paradigms afforded to us through the Constitution of the United States. The time is now to fully reject, repudiate, and rebuke the perilous path of socialism, political correctness, and liberalism. The time is now to reclaim our country and revive the spirit of patriotism. The time is now!

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