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Social Engineering

The Hidden Agenda of the Democrat Party!

Barack Hussein Obama, in 2008, promised to “fundamentally transform America” and unfortunately, he kept his promise. We have witnessed a significant demographic shift in our population, supported and advanced through social engineering, refugee implants, and illegals flowing across our liquid borders.

The American people must instantly and stridently demand our politicians halt the illegal and illegitimate invasion of our country through executive amnesty, conjured pathways to quasi-citizenship, social engineering, the clandestine manipulation of our nation’s demography, permeable borders, overstays of temporary visas, undocumented refugee-resettlement processes, and refusals to honor and enforce deportation laws, all in the name of political correctness and fairness, and executed via biased, theoretical, political dogma. Future presidents, following in President Trump's footsteps, must be directed to represent the people of the United States and conduct business in the best interests of our country, instead of unilaterally ruling with a domineering mindset, through a monarchical framework, and via executive orders intrinsically embedded with some egomaniacal, eponymous, legacy-building agenda as we witnessed during the Obama administration.

In a post-constitutional era infused with social engineering and forced, tectonic demographic modifications to benefit the Democrat Party, we are in dire need of a national American remedy and we need it in 2018. We must quickly reject, rebuke, and reverse the destructive liberal policies which significantly, substantially, radically, and detrimentally transformed our country during the Obama administration. It is perhaps the last gasp for advancing conservatism and preserving traditional American values. The time for significant change is now. We literally cannot afford to delay any longer to reclaim our country from the extremist, radical ideology of the destructive left-wing liberal agenda that has been painstakingly forced on the American citizenship since 2009.

It is clear our domestic homeland has been invaded and continues to be infiltrated by illegals and refugees numbering in the tens of thousands – all at the behest of our own federal government throughout the Obama years, as it implemented clandestine migratory and covert integration policies specifically and explicitly designed to fundamentally transform the demography of the United States. There is no misunderstanding of this secretive initiative, as social engineering skews key voting precincts, once dominated by conservative and Republican factions, in favor of Democrat voters. The country is fundamentally transformed, conservative principles are demonized, and traditional American values are excoriated in the name of political correctness, fairness, equality, and diversity, all the while incrementally and systematically tearing down the foundational precepts our country was founded upon centuries ago. Under the guise of transparency, the Obama administration strove for eight years to dramatically shift the tenor of political attitudes to align with the radical ideology of a community organizer, using whatever corrupt means it had at its disposal to transform the United States in the image of Barack Hussein Obama, by leveraging executive action with unprecedented authoritarian dictates, and by exploiting adversaries through the overreaching empowerment of governmental institutions such as the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Justice, and the National Security Agency.

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